Contact Lens Service Fees:

New Patients*

Toric lenses (for astigmatism): $65.00
Bifocal lenses: $65.00
Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) / RGP Hybrid lenses: $65.00
Standard lenses: $65.00

* All new patient fees include an insertion and removal class (I&R) as well as any necessary follow-ups and re-fits for 90 days.

Established Patients

Yearly renewal: $30.00
Re-fit: $15.00

Why is there an additional fee for a contact lens evaluation?

Contact lenses are medical devices that can cause serious consequences including infection, inflammation, permanent damage and loss of vision if not fitted properly or taken care of correctly.  Examining a contact lens patient takes additional time and expertise beyond what is necessary for a routine or comprehensive eye exam.  For that reason, there are separate, additional charges for contact lens examinations that patients without contact lenses do not pay.

There are many types of lenses and your doctor will need to take special measurements to determine which lens type will work best for you.  Your initial service fee will cover ocular surface evaluation, diagnostic/trial lenses, fitting analysis and any follow-up visits necessary to obtain a satisfactory fit for a period of 90 days.  If you have never worn contact lenses before, your fitting will include a class in which new wearers receive instruction on insertion and removal of the lenses (I&R), proper care, and cleaning techniques.  The fee may also depend on what type of lenses you wear.  For example, bifocal contact lenses are more difficult to fit and take longer to adjust and fine-tune than standard contact lenses.  The fit is finalized after you and the doctor agree that the fit has been successful, or if either of you determine that contact lenses are not an acceptable option for your eyes.

If you wait more than 90 days for your follow-up after receiving trial lenses, you will be charged a new service fee.  Once finalized, any future lens changes in brand or type will be considered a refit and may be subject to new fees.

Contact lenses must be evaluated annually in order for your eye health and vision to be properly maintained.  Even if there is no change from your current contact lens prescription, your doctor must still go through all of the additional steps to verify the health of your eyes and the fit of the contacts before your prescription can be renewed.  Because of this, the contact lens service fee will apply to yearly exams as well.