With the Diopsys® Nova system, your SMO doctors now have two types of electrophysiology testing available which can aid in the early detection, treatment planning (if needed), and monitoring treatment results for a number of conditions which can affect your vision.  Electroretinography (ERG) measures the functionality of your retina.  Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) measures the functionality of your vision system as a whole (i.e., how well your eyes communicate with your brain).  Both tests are objective, painless, non-invasive, and only takes a few minutes.

To perform the test, we ask that your face be clean, dry, and free of any gels, sprays, oils, makeup, or lotion. A technician will clean and dry three small areas on your head, and then place sensory pads on the cleansed areas.

The technician will then cover one of your eyes at a time while the vision test is being run. You will see either a series of patterns or flashes of light, depending on the type of visual electrophysiology test ordered.

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